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About Habana | Harlem®

HABANA/HARLEM®, an independent cultural production company, nurtures the arts and humanities by advancing contemporary artistic innovation, and supports evolving trends in music through strategic exposition, artist development, performance, distribution, and promotion. The initiative was conceived by Neyda Martinez, executive producer with Onel Mulet producer and creative director. HABANA/HARLEM celebrates the legacy of this creative nexus, as well as expressions by artists whose work foster dialogue, cultural appreciation, and greater understanding among diverse communities.


Fueled by the friendship and rich exchange of concepts and ideas between artists such as Chano Pozo and Dizzy Gillespie, among many others, HABANA/HARLEM commemorates the unconditional acceptance of collaborative fluid creativity, which changed the course of music history. HABANA/HARLEM® is a registered trademark of HABANA HARLEM LLC.


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays!!!

Wishing all our friends and colleagues a joyous holiday season and best wishes for 2015!!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The cultural and spiritual legacy of the Haitian Revolution (1791-1804) has been drawn upon as a source of magical, transcendent inspiration both for the bravery of its protagonists -- the Kongo people, the Yoruba, and the Arara and the indispensable cultural lexicon that gave way for the creation of Jazz, Cuban Son, and other Caribbean musical forms. In the Dominican Republic, for example, it heralded a Creole resurgence. In the 1930’s, the Dominican Merengue would become the island nation’s and Dictator Trujillo’s soundtrack. The infectious accordion-based Afro polyrhythmic music along with thousands of Dominican immigrants fled the 1965 revolution to the cultural bastion of the Antilles- New York City, largely transforming the Washington Heights community of Upper Manhattan.

In anticipation of Harlem Stage’s World Premiere of Opera Makandal that features a score by Cuban saxophonist and composer Yosvany Terry, scheduled to take place as part its 2015 season, Habana/Harlem® is delighted to co-present the Makandal Mixtape LIVE, a dynamic showcase of energizing performances which celebrates the main figures of this journey, their collective self-discovery and the power of their timeless and seductive allure.

MAKANDAL MIXTAPE LIVE will highlight the spiritual power of NY’s premiere Haitian Roots Music ensemble Kongo, with former Rock Steady crew member Jose Figueroa, and the DR’s Urban folk flavored tinge from The Ripiao Kingz. Returning to Harlemstage’s Gatehouse Theater after their world tour, The Pedro Martinez Group features today’s Cuban dance music with NY swagger. And, back by popular demand DJ ASHO, will hold it down with his expert perspective on the music of the Caribbean..

The evening’s program will offer a night of music that is relentless in its pursuit to free you of your inhibitions while your mind, body and soul will relish in a collective release on the dance floor.

KONGO was founded in 1995 by Öneza Lafontant, a Haitian native from Baconois (Bakonwa).  Bakonwa is a small town in the Southwest region of Haiti well known for keeping alive the Ginen  African tradition of Vodou.The power of the talking drums attract the lwa spirits, who are concerned with human welfare and are called upon to solve problems of the masses, provide protection during hard times and to keep our people united.

The Ripiao Kingz (RK) is composed of group members Fernando Guzman ”Fercho La Voz” (Lead Singer), Edwin Torres (accordion) and Ray ”Chino” Diaz (Percusion and Keyboards).  The musical RK experience takes typical merengue beyond its traditional sound and structure by infusing modern and urban music styles such as Dance, Hip Hop and R&B.

The Pedrito Martinez Group (PMG) has its roots planted firmly in the Afro-Cuban Rumba tradition and in the Bata rhythms and vocal chants of the music of Yoruba and Santeria. Ben Ratliff summed it up aptly for the New York Times (June 15, 2010) calling it, “complex, blenderized Africa-to-the-New-World funk.”
PMG members include percussionist, Jhair Sala, from Lima, Peru; electric bassist, Alvaro Benavides, from Caracas, Venezuela; and keyboard player/vocalist, Araicne Trujillo, from Havana, Cuba.

Monday, September 22, 2014


In anticipation of Harlem Stage’s World Premiere of Makandal, the opera, Habana/Harlem® is delighted to co-present the MAKANDAL MIXTAPE LIVE: A REVOLUTION IN MUSIC, a dynamic showcase of energizing performances which celebrates the main figures of this journey, their collective self-discovery and the power of their timeless and seductive allure. Pedrito Martinez Group, Habana Harlem, Onel Mulet Ariel Rolando and friends hope to see you there! Nov 8th. Only $25.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Iniciación: The latest Release by Daniel "Tatita" Marquez "Candombe Jazz"!!

Habana/Harlem® announces the iTunes release of the latest recording by Uruguayan percussionist and composer Daniel "Tatita" Marquez. Thank you!! to our distribution partners at Oreja Media Group for distributing this exceptional work and supporting all the artists in our catalog. Read about Candombe Jazz and this very important release from "Tatitas" own words in the project description below. Go to iTunes and get yours now!



Iniciación” es el séptimo material discográfico que realizo y marca un momento significativo en mi vida. Luego de 12 años de práctica espiritual tomo iniciación con mi Guru Gunagrahi Das Goswami. A partir de mi iniciación recibo un nombre devocional designado por mi maestro espiritual. El nombre que recibo es “Gauranga Das” que significa una de las reencarnaciones de Krsna.

Paralelamente también se produce otra iniciación en mi carrera artística en la ciudad de New York, con mi proyecto “Candombe Jazz” y a lo largo del 2013 realicé varios conciertos, workshops, clases magistrales y entrevistas. Generando con éstas actividades un desconocido movimiento musical hasta el momento, el Candombe Jazz. Todo esto transcurre en la ciudad de New York unas de la ciudades más grande e inspiradoras de la música


Inicicación is my seventh release, a significant landmark in my life. After 12 years of spiritual practice I began my initiation with my Guru Gunagrahi Das Goswami. At the time of my initiation I took a devotional name designated for me by my spiritual guide and teacher. The name I was given was "Guaranga Das", which is one of the incarnations of Krsna.

Parallel to this initiation is that of my career as an artist in New York City, with my "Candombe Jazz" project and throughout 2013 I had several concerts, workshops, master classes and interviews. These efforts helped raise awareness for the, as yet unknown, "Candombe Jazz" movement. All of this transpired in New York City, one of the greatest, and most musically inspiring cities.

Iniciacion by Daniel " Tatita" Marquez

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Habana/Harlem® : Crossing Harlem part of Symphony Space's Harlem Resonance series April 2 - May 11 2013

Habana/Harlem®: Crossing Harlem

Fri, Apr 12 at 7:30 pm
Leonard Nimoy Thalia at Symphony Space
$30; Members $25; 30 and under (with valid ID) $15
Symphony Space Music
Harlem Resonance
Performed by the Habana/Harlem® all-star group featuring Onel Mulet, multi-instrumentalist/composer and Roman Diaz, master percussionist, joined by special guests Antoine Roney, saxophonist/composer, LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, singer, and 8-year old jazz prodigy, Kojo Roney, drummer, this far-reaching evening transcends land, time, and space as it debuts new arrangements by Mulet of original works by key 20th century Harlem composers. Also featuring Osmany Paredes on piano, Richard Padrón on guitar, Jorge Bringas on bass, Daniel Carbonell on percussion and Diego Lopez on drums.

Works by William Grant Still, Chano Pozo, Frank "Machito" Grillo, Rafael Hernandez, George and Ira Gershwin,Jayne Cortez, Antoine Roney and Latasha N. Nevada Diggs.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Farewell to Bebo Valdes

The inventor of the Batanga was a legendary figure in Cuban music who spawned a legacy that will live beyond his seed, beyond his talent and his gifts. He touched audiences and inspired his fans, colleagues and peers, aweing them with a prowess that looked simplistic in the hands of the master composer, arranger, and pianist. His Sabor de Cuba Orchestra and unique arranging style defined the sound of singers like Rita Montaner, Rolando Laserie, Benny Moré and Vicentico Valdes. He was the rule by which all other Cuban pianists and arrangers would be measured. Sabor was his stock in trade as was evident on the earliest Panart jam sessions with cohorts Israel "Cachao" Lopez, Tata Guines and Chombo Silva. Throughout the 40's and 50's El Caballon was a prominent force on the Cuban Jazz scene. He played with Woody Herman in Havana and in 1958 he recorded an album with Nat King Cole titled "Cole Español"produced by Norman Granz. Bebo Valdes will be missed by all those who loved him and by the fans of Sabor de Cuba. Farewell Bebo, Ibae Ibae  Ntonu Timbelese Olodumare.

A sample Bebo Valdes Discography


Con Poco Coco                                               Mercury


Mambo Caliente, Mambo Riff                      Decca


Dile a Catalina, Tumbao, Special Del Bebo Gema


Me Recordaras, Solo Contigo Basta             Gema


Cuban Dance Party                                        Empire Music Group Inc.


Todo Ritmo                                                     Egrem


Bebo Rides Again                                          Messidor


Mucho Sabor                                                 Essential Media Group


El Arte del Sabor                                          Blue Note


Descargas del Bebo                                      Orfeon


El Manisero                                                Universal Music Latino / Dimienta


Gaupacha Con Bebo Valdes y Sus Amigos Caney


We Could Make Such Beautiful Music Together Calle54/BMG Spain


Descarga Caliente                                        Caney


Lagrimas Negras                                         RCA Victor


Bebo de Cuba                                              BMG


Bebo                                  WEA Latina / Union Music Group / Union Records


Sabor de Cuba                                             MVD / Malanga Music


Bebo and Cachao                                  Rhino / Warner Bros UK / Warner Jazz


Live at the Village Vanguard                     Sony BMG


Juntos Para Siempre                                 Calle 54 Records


Todo Ritmo                                                Prodisc


Dinastia Valdes                                         Sony BMG


Chico & Rita                                   Sony Classical / Sony Music Latin

Babalu                                                      Essential Media


Habana 24 Blue

-------Onel Mulet for Habana/Harlem®

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Celebrating 30 Years of New Yor-Uba

Habana/Harlem® is committed to advancing contemporary artistic innovation. Producers Neyda Martinez and Onel Mulet celebrate the legacy of this historical nexus and the expression of artists whose work fosters cultural appreciation and greater understanding among diverse communities. In their words, "Rosewoman embodies these values and we are honored to co-produce this effort. We believe in her inherent ability to translate this work into a successful musical experience for the world to enjoy. She brings a fierce intelligence and an ephemeral touch, making hers a bold yet subtle voice in the world of jazz and beyond.